About Sunile

Name means life and power together

The company's achievements

– More than 3.25 MW has been installed so far throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt in a short period of time to operate irrigation pumps for farmers and is the only company with the most extensive experience and performance in the operation of solar lifting applications and our work is witness to this.
– The company offers competitive prices compared to other materials in the Egyptian market. The company was characterized by the use of the best materials in the manufacture of mobile chassis which contributes to increase the production of energy during the day by not less than 30%. Full technical through a trained technical staff and engineers at the highest level in this field.

Our Mission

We are committed to offer our customers innovative and reliable products with the ultimate goal of providing complete customer service satisfaction and to educate clients on the benefits of reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
Sunile provides a truly alternative source of energy through a fully-integrated solar business model.

Our Strategy & Vission

Sunile is to readily provide our clients with a full and diversified portfolio of solar energy products and packages.
Is that the use of solar energy is the first choice of energy in all industrial, agricultural and residential areas in Egypt
Due to Egypt's sunny weather throughout the year to achieve our vision, we must take the following strengths as partners and agents of the world's largest cell factories.

WHY Sunile

We may not the biggest, but our customers believe we are the best
Sunile deal with every customer as an opportunity to add value to business, We have the resources and expertise to deliver what we plan succesully, Therefor, No matter how economy is bad or good, we grow consistently .

The goals of the company :

1- Establishing solar power stations of different sizes and types and providing services to investors in this field.
2- The company obtained the qualification certificate No. 27 with the first companies in this field.
3 – The company was able to obtain the power of the largest companies solar cells and global Solar Frontier specialized in the cells of the thin – film (CIS) high efficiency and advanced technology and modern cells and suit the Egyptian atmosphere in the tolerance of temperatures and clouds and clouds and global production efficiency About its counterparts in the Egyptian market.
To be two races and distinguished in the field and individually in the latest developments reached by major companies in the development of solar cells.
4 – The company was able to storm the Egyptian desert to extract the groundwater necessary for agriculture from the depths without the crises of solar or government electricity and alleviate the suffering of farmers at reasonable prices and competition.